November 2015 Service Project

Dharma Rain Zen Center Friends of Trees Service Trip:

I should always be in bed at 9AM on a Saturday; with that being said, my second favorite place to be is at the Dharma Rain Zen Center. It was 30 degrees out, with nary a cloud in sight, and I was trying to decide if wearing gloves in “children’s large” was emasculating. I settled on adult medium and set off with my trusty compatriot Caroline. Soon, we were uncovering never-before-seen rocks and dirt with our oddly shaped shovels, and before long, we were lowering a potted tree into the ground. It felt vaguely like the time I had to watch “The Miracle of Life” in health. Caroline and I then proceeded to be slower than everyone else, but also to play more charades than everyone else. The tradeoff was well worth it, as was the project in general.


Dashiell Shulman