March 2016 Service Project

On Saturday, March 26, the Post summited a mountain. A volcano, even. Pretty good start to the season right?

Well… okay… it was Mt. Tabor.

However, with plenty of sunshine and good temperatures, we still had an awesome day and made a lot of progress on some of the slopes. We pulled Himalayan blackberry and English ivy, while other volunteers moved mulch. We even dug up what can only be described as a blackberry tree. (It was growing over actual trees.) In the middle of the event, we all came together to take a break, eat snacks, and learn about how a healthy environment on Mt. Tabor supports migratory birds and contributes to maintaining other healthy ecosystems around Portland. One volunteer even found a bird’s nest, which was passed around. Overall, it was a fantastic service project, and one that I would definitely recommend in the future.

– Lillian Peters