June 2016 Service Project

Thimbleberry plant
Image by Lillian Peters. Original Work.


Thimbleberries: an acrostic poem about the June Service Project. By someone who is Not A Poet.

How hard is it to find a volunteer group on Powell Butte?

Impossible. But here are some thimbleberries. Oops, they’re for the birds.

Maybe the group is over there?

But, no, they aren’t.

Luckily we have other options. Garbage pickup in SE parks?

Enthralling — we will make our own service project.

Before we begin: garbage bags, gloves, loud music for the car ride.

Enter Powell Park.

Rule #1: No picking up sharp objects/ needles.

Rule #1 remains unbroken. Instead we pick up: cigarette butts, food wrappers, a puzzle piece, plastic bottles, some pencils, more wrappers, more cigarette butts.

Impromptu pull-up contest. I forget who wins.

Ended: the park is immaculate.

So,  let’s make a quick stop and find some more thimbleberries.