Jan 2016 Trail Tending Service Project

When Rosa rolled up to my house in her trusty Subaru, Winston, with Ori on Saturday morning, I knew it would be a good day. We drove up highway 30 to the Linnton trailhead, where a few Mazamas, Forest Park Conservancy people, and Evan and Will waited for us with coffee and vanilla Oreos. They lent us gloves and led us to their impressive collection of trail tending implements, ranging from shovels to picks that resembled conspicuously large ice axes. Hefting two tools each, we followed the trail, until we were instructed to start hacking at and smoothing the trail to create a back slope and maximize possibility for rain to run off. After a couple hours, we posties were moved to gather debris to cover off-trails that shouldn’t really be there. This was possibly due to our enthusiasm or because they were hoping to protect the roots under the trail from Ori. Either way, there isn’t a much better way to spend a Saturday morning than moving dirt and branches in a beautiful place with great people.

Sierra Smith