October meeting recap

On October 13, we had our first meeting of the new post season: the new members meeting!  At this meeting we got the opportunity to meet a lot of new and awesome potential postees.  The contents of the meeting were as follows:


– Opening remarks

– Quick wip-around with names, years in post, and steering committee title (if applicable)

– Explanation of what the post does

– Concentric circle game to get to know people.

– Quick video what the post is and out Canada trip

– Snack and mingling with other postees

– Some steering committee members talked about past trips we have done (“Year in the Post”)

– Talk on how to join the post

– Talk about expectation of post members

– Closing remarks

Remember that new member must have there membership papers mailed to Peter Green  by November 1st in order to join the post this year.  Our next meeting is November 10th in room 169 at Lincoln high school.  Hope to see you all there!