Upcoming Hikes!

Saturday 4/5: Palmer Ski, Leaders: Evan Chenoweth and Jack Lazar
Saturday 4/19: Nememiah Pt., Leaders: Andy Peckham and Jennifer Peckham
Saturday 4/26: Hamilton Mt., Leader: Eric Shockly
Saturday 5/3: Larch Mt., Leaders: Laura Gielenfeldt and Ehren Geilenfeldt
Sunday 5/4: Dog Mt., Leaders: Jack Lazar and Kenn Kuchi
Saturday 5/17: Dog Mt., Leaders: Andy Peckham and Jennifer Peckham
Sunday 5/18 Table Mt., Leader: Dave Schrott
Saturday 5/31: Dog Mt., Leader: Dave Schrott
Sunday 6/8: Nesmith Pt., Leader: Evan Chenoweth

Annual Dues are due at the January 13 meeting- $45

As a result of the Boy Scouts raising our membership fee by 60 percent in December we are forced to raise the annual individual cost of being a Post member.  The new annual fee will be $45 and applies to any member who joined before October 2013.  Those who joined in October and afterwards have already paid their 2014 dues.

This is the first time that dues have been raised since 2003.  The Steering Committee approved the dues increase at its meeting on January 6.  Dues must be paid on or before Monday January 13.  Starting on January 14th the dues will increase by $5 to $50.  Dues will increase by $5 per month for late payers thereafter.