December 2014 Meeting Recap

On December 8th, we had our last post meeting of the 2014 calendar year.  The agenda was as follows:

– Opening remarks

– Report from out last fundraiser bake sale at REI.  This was the most successful fundraiser in post history, making over $420!  Congratulation to all who were involved!

– Report from our last service project, doing some sort of gardening related thing.

– God called, and reminded us that this meeting marked the 21 st anniversary of the post, and we sung happy birthday.  Happy birthday to us!

– Announcement of the upcoming climb night from Reuben and Mia.  More info can be found here.

– Reminder about the upcoming snow day trip from Iris.  More info can be found here.

– Announcement of the existence of the upcoming fundraiser from Rosa and Iris.  More info will be coming out later.

– Announcement of the upcoming service project from Owen and Lincoln.  More info can be found here.

– Name-guessing game, and a snack break.

– Presentation from his trip to Denali from post advisory Wike Mison.

Our next meeting is January 12 th , 2014

November 2014 General Meeting Recap


New post inductee Lilie Spafford

In our second meeting the year, we got the chance give a warm welcome to the new post members and get started learning about out agenda for the year.  The contents of the meeting is as follows:

– Opening remarks

– Time-honored tradition of inducting new members involving an ice ax, cookies, and whipped cream.

– Report from our last fundraiser at the Portland marathon.

– Report from our last service project with the Weed Warriors from Lillie and Will.

– Explanation of the next fundraisers from Iris and Rosa.  More info can be found here.

– Explanation of the next service project from Lincoln and Owen.  More info can be found here.

– Introduction of a fun december day trip to Mt. Hood to do things in the snow from Iris.  More info can be found here.

– First mention of the all-post Snowshoe trip in February from Kallisti.  More info can be found here.

– Fun games in the gym and break.

– Guest speaker: MAC climbing coach Drew.

Our next General meeting is Monday, December 8th

October meeting recap

On October 13, we had our first meeting of the new post season: the new members meeting!  At this meeting we got the opportunity to meet a lot of new and awesome potential postees.  The contents of the meeting were as follows:


– Opening remarks

– Quick wip-around with names, years in post, and steering committee title (if applicable)

– Explanation of what the post does

– Concentric circle game to get to know people.

– Quick video what the post is and out Canada trip

– Snack and mingling with other postees

– Some steering committee members talked about past trips we have done (“Year in the Post”)

– Talk on how to join the post

– Talk about expectation of post members

– Closing remarks

Remember that new member must have there membership papers mailed to Peter Green  by November 1st in order to join the post this year.  Our next meeting is November 10th in room 169 at Lincoln high school.  Hope to see you all there!