For Potential Advisers:

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Q: What are advisers?

A: Advisers are the fabulous adults who make Post 58 possible. On the surface, their job is to ensure that the trips we provide are safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. However, they actually do so much more, from suggesting and organizing trips, to teaching students, to remembering to pack the “top-tarts.” (Pop-Tarts eaten on the summit of a mountain) They are volunteers and role models who dedicate their time and expertise to help our students grow. It is because of them that our community can be as positive and welcoming as it is.

Advisors have many training opportunities, some of which are required for their participation with the Post.  Advisors are trained in first aid, youth protection and working with teenagers.  Advisors are generally also trained in the specific types of climbing they will lead.

Q: What qualifications are required to become an adviser?

A: Becoming an adviser is a time commitment, but a very rewarding one.  Advisers don’t have to be experts, but must have some outdoor experience, and must complete training before leading trips. This training includes first aid, avalanche, and rock climbing certification. Friends of the Explorer Post (FOEP) assists with the cost of training for advisers.

Q: How do I become an adviser?

A: If you are interested in becoming an adviser, please contact Peter Green. We also recommend that you attend our next post meeting, (see the calendar) so you can meet current advisers and students, and learn more about the Post.