For Parents:

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Q: How does the Post minimize risk on its trips?

A: Post advisers are required to complete training before they can lead a climbing trip with the Post. Multiple advisers are present on every trip, and we try to keep a good ratio of advisers to students. In addition, our trips are offered in a hierarchy, to ensure that students are qualified for each trip they are on. For instance, we rate mountain climbs A, B, and C, and ask that students complete two A climbs before a B climb, and two B climbs before a C climb. Advisers are trained in first aid, and carry first aid kits on every trip. Depending on the type of trip, they may carry other equipment, such as a GPS or SPOT emergency beacon as well.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a concern about a specific trip?

A: The best person to contact would be the adviser in charge of that trip, which should be listed under the details for the trip on our calendar page. If you do not see contact information there, please contact us, so we can forward your message to the appropriate adviser, or obtain their contact information for you.