For Current Members and Advisers:

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Q: I need to request financial aid for a trip.

A: Financial aid is available for all trips. You can make a request by emailing Peter Green.

Q: Where can I find the Roster?

A: Here, and also in the member area. Please note that it is password protected.

Q: Where can I find the Post Bylaws?

A: The bylaws (for students) are here, and also in the member area. The password is the same as for the roster.

If you are looking for the bylaws, you may also be interested in the Post’s behavior guidelines, located here (no password). As always, if you have a specific question or concern, please contact Peter Green.

Q: I need help finding _______ ?

A: If you are looking for a document pertaining to a specific event, check the calendar first, then try contacting the appropriate Steering Committee member / the former webmaster / the president.

If you are looking for a webpage, try the member area.

If you are looking for prospectuses, route reports, or waivers from past trips, they are linked on the steering committee page (password is different from the rest of the member area).

Q: I need the password for the roster or steering committee page

A: Please contact the former webmaster.

Q: Who is in charge of ____________ ?

A: Please check the second page of the roster for information on the current members of the Steering Committee and their roles.

Q: How do I join the Steering Committee?

A: The Steering Committee is the Post’s student leadership body. Students interested in joining can request to join in late summer. Then, a nominating committee will select the candidate(s) they feel are best for each position, and the entire Post will vote on their selections at the September general meeting. The Steering Committee is a great way to further your involvement with the Post, and learn important leadership skills. That said, it’s a commitment. In addition to attending all General Meetings, Steering Committee members have one extra meeting per month to attend, and they must make their Post work a priority in their lives. If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee, try chatting with current members to find out which position would be right for you. (A list of current members and positions is available on the second page of the roster.)