For Students: About the Post

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Q: What is the Post?

A: Post 58 is a volunteer-based, student-led organization for students ages 14 – 18 in the Portland, OR area. “Postees” engage in outdoor adventures, including rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, etc., all under the guidance of experienced adults. Most of our trips are to destinations in the Pacific Northwest, but we visit many other mountain ranges and climbing areas as well. For more information, please see our about page.

Q: What are advisers?

A: Advisers are the fabulous adults who make Post 58 possible. On the surface, their job is to ensure that the trips we provide are safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. However, they actually do so much more, from suggesting and organizing trips, to teaching students, to remembering to pack the “top-tarts.” (Pop-Tarts eaten on the summit of a mountain) They are volunteers and role models who dedicate their time and expertise to help our students grow. It is because of them that our community can be as positive and welcoming as it is.

Q: How much of a commitment is the Post?

A: Post members are required to attend monthly meetings. In addition, we expect that all members will join us on the annual weekend snowshoe trip, and will participate in one service project and one fundraiser per year.

Q: How often are meetings?

A: Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month, from 7-9 pm at Lincoln High School, in room 169. Meetings during the summer are occasionally held at different times or places; please check the calendar for details on the next meeting.

Q: How often are trips?

A: This varies month to month, especially since Oregon is often rainy. In general, one service project, one fundraiser, and one climb night are offered each month. Usually, we will also offer one to two outdoor trips per month during the school year, and more trips during the summer.

Q: When will you offer ___________?

A: Though no two years are the same, as most activities are dependent on weather, we tend to offer different activities at different times of the year. Caving tends to be offered in the fall, rock climbing tends to be offered in the fall and spring, and snowshoeing tends to be offered in the winter. Conditioning hikes and snow school take place during the spring, before the mountaineering season begins in the late spring. Different trips are offered each year, and there is never any guarantee as to what will be offered or when we will offer it.