2017 Dues

Dear continuing members: Due to increased costs for training, guides and insurance, the Steering Committee has voted to increase the annual dues to $75. Compared to the costs for sports teams, SAT prep courses, tutoring and even guided climbs we think this is a heck of a deal for a year of membership in this great organization.  Note that dues increase by $5 for each month they are late!

Please bring your check for $75 (made out to Post 58) to the meeting on Monday. The Steering Committee is also encouraging you or your parents to make an additional donation to the Post at the time you pay your dues.

Please note that financial aid is available– please send me an email if you would like to request it.

Note that dues for new members [those who joined October 2016 or later] remains at $65 as a way to make entry into the Post an easy thing.

After Monday (starting Tuesday January 10th) dues will increase to $80, and will go up by $5 per month thereafter.

Thank you,
Max and the Steering Committee